Vintage Estes Rockets

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Congratulations! Thanks for taking time to visit my website which identifies, in great detail, the timeline and history of vintage Estes K-Kit model rockets. Collectors now have a definitive identification resource to aid in assembling a collection of these much sought after, vintage rocket kits.

In 1958, Estes Industries began operations, and within a few short years became the leader in model rocketry. The first three early Estes
K-Kits, the Astron Scout, Astron Mark, and Astron Space Plane, launched a successful company that still exists today. Kits from those early years were hand assembled, stapled closed and command premium prices. This work is an identification resource that may help in the establishment of current market values. Unless otherwise noted, all kits showcased here are from my personal collection.

Because this site is continuing to evolve, some links may not be functional. Be sure to check the What's New page for a detailed look into updates and changes to the pages. I am continuing to collect content for the site, and will devote several hours per week (time permitting) adding to this vast resource. This is a HUGE undertaking!

Again, thanks for stopping by. I hope you find this site fun and useful.


Eric Higgins

February, 2013

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